Forming & Pipe Cutting


ACO 203XL Pressing Machine
ACO 203XL Pressing Machine, comes with 2 x batteries and changer.    Price includes all jaws from 15mm - 108mm. ..


Price: £195.00

Air Fein Saw
Air Fein Saw, for cutting pipe work up to 300mm, blades available from stock.  ..


Price: £80.00

Cordless Recip Saw
Cordless Recip Saw, comes with 2 batteries & charger. *Selection of blades available from stock ..


Price: £42.00

Fein Recip Saw 110v
Fein Recip Saw 110v 300mm capacity.   *Blades available from stock.  ..


Price: £95.00

GF4 Pipe Cutter 110v
GF4 Pipe Cutter 110v, for pipe from 1/2" - 4", comes with its own dedicated folding work bench. ..


Price: £120.00

Hand Pipe Cutter
Hand Pipe Cutter ..


Price: £0.00

Hilti Recip Saw 110v
Hilti Recip Saw 110v with pipe clamp.   *Selection of blades available from stock.  ..


Price: £38.00

Hydraulic Hole Punch
Hydraulic Hole Punch, has a 7mm - 22mm Capacity.   *Cutters sold separately.  ..


Price: £145.00

Link Pipe Cutter (Cast Iron)
Link Pipe Cutter for cast iron, available for pipe from 50mm - 300mm. ..


Price: £28.00

REMS Centro Pipe Cutter
REMS Centro Pipe Cutter 110v for pipe up to 100mm capacity.  ..


Price: £0.00

REMS Cordless Akku Press
REMS Cordless Akku Press machine, suitable for all common pipe fittings, comes with charger and 2 x batteries.    Press fittings from ..


Price: £50.00

REMS Hurracan - T Drill 22mm Capacity
REMS Hurracan - T Drill 22mm Capacity (Copper branch making machine) ..


Price: £55.00

Rigid 258 Cutter
Rigid 258 Pipe Cutter, comes with Rigid 300 drive unit for cutting pipe up to 200mm capacity.  ..


Price: £125.00

Rigid 300 Drive Unit
Rigid 300 Drive Unit.   *Cutting oil available from stock, pipe supports & tripod vices also available.  ..


Price: £60.00

Rigid 918 Vitaulic Roll Groover
The RIDGID 918 Hydraulic Roll Groover features a powerful 15-ton hydraulic ram in a compact, easy to transport unit. With one man set-up and operation..


Price: £75.00