• Gas Genie 5.6mtr Lift (Genie Super Hoist)

Gas Genie 5.6mtr Lift (Genie Super Hoist)

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The Genie GM-5.6 Air Hoist is completely portable and only weighs 37kg. The Genie GH-5.6 Super Hoist can lift 113kg to a height of 5.60 metres and is powered by a compressed bottle. 


  • Portable, compact and can be set up in seconds, no tools required.
  • Easy to release leg lock keeps legs up for storage and out for use.
  • Up and down dump valve can be easily activated by patented control handle.
  • The Super Hoist is powered by one standard compressed air bottle which provides approximately 80 to 90 lifts. The hose stretches 4.87 m for added mobility and stores around brackets under the platform when not in use.


Metric Load Capacity 113 kg
Metric Height stowed 1.37 m
Metric Height Lifted 5.60 m
Metric Base Width 1.35 m
US Load Capacity 250 lbs
US Height Stowed 4 ft 6 in
US Height Lifted 18 ft 4.5 in
US Base Width 4 ft 5 in



*Gas available from stock