Site Heating


2.8kw 110v Industrial Fan Heater
2.8kw 110v Industrial Fan Heater, supplied with 32amp socket & requires 5kVa transformer (miniumum). ..


Price: £22.00

250,000BTU Rocket Heater 240v / 110v
250,000BTU Rocket Heater 240v / 110v, the only way to effectively heat large spaces, can be supplied in either 110v or 240v configurations.   ..


Price: £45.00

2kw 240v Convector Heater
2kw 240v Convector Heater, supplied with a RCD. ..


Price: £10.00

2kw 240v Fan Heater
2kw 240v Fan Heater, supplied with a RCD. ..


Price: £10.00

2kw 240v Oil Filled Heater
2kw 240v Oil Filled Heater, supplied with a RCD. ..


Price: £15.00

3kw Infra Red Heater 110v
3kw Infra Red Heater 110v, supplied with 32amp socket, requires 5kVa continuous / vented transformer. ..


Price: £38.00

415v 15kw Heater
415v 3phase electric 15kw Heater ..


Price: £48.00

Catalytic Cabinet Heater (Butane)
Catalytic Cabinet Heater (Butane)   *Gas available from stock ..


Price: £15.00

Radiator Guard
Radiator guard, supplied to suit any of our radiators. ..


Price: £6.00