110v 1" Electric Poker
1" diameter 110v poker unit.  ..


Price: £42.00

110v Belle Mixer
The Belle Minimix 150 is a heavy duty cement mixer designed for professional use on all building projects. It can be used both on or off its stand and..


Price: £24.00

2" Petrol Poker
2" Petrol poker, comes with drive unit and poker flex.   *Additional fuel charge applies.  ..


Price: £42.00

6mtr Beam Tamp
6mtr beam tamp for concrete.  ..


Price: £38.00

Concrete Block Splitter
Medium sized block splitter. ..


Price: £32.00

Easy Float
The Easy float is a float on a handle, this hand tool makes it easy to finish hard-to-reach areas of freshly poured concrete. ..


Price: £25.00

Easy Float Pan
For use on easy float.  ..


Price: £10.00

Forced Action Pan Mixer
Forced action pan mixer 110v ..


Price: £85.00

Paddle Mixing Drill 110v
A powerful motor enables mixing of high viscosity materials such as prefab mortar, prefab plaster, cement lime, concrete quartz-containing epoxy resin..


Price: £38.00

Petrol Belle Mixer
The Belle Minimix Honda motor is lightweight and portable, it allows for barrow-height mixing and tipping, durable and suitable for any building proje..


Price: £28.00

Power Float
Power float to finish concrete, requires blades.   *Additional fuel charge.  ..


Price: £60.00