Electric / Petrol Compressors


110v 7cfm Compressor
110v 7cfm Air Compressor, for pressure testing, spraying & small air tools.  Requires 5kva transformer or 5kva generator to run (16a ..


Price: £38.00

110v 9cfm Compressor
9cfm 110v air compressor, for pressure testing, small air tools & other applications where compressed air is required.   Requires 5kva ..


Price: £60.00

415v 15cfm Compressor
415v Three Phase 15cfm air compressor for applications with only 3 phase supply or where a higher quantity of air is required.  Can be supplie..


Price: £75.00

Petrol 15cfm Air Compressor
Petrol driven 15cfm air compressor, for use with air tools, spraying, pressure testing or any job where w large quanity of compressed air is required...


Price: £75.00