Genie 2632 Scissor Lift

Product Code: GS2632

Price: £195.00


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The GS™-2632 Electric Scissor Lift is only 0.81m (32in) wide but gives the operator a maximum working height of 9.80m. Like the vast majority of Genie’s Scissor Lifts, the GS-2632 can also be driven at full height.


  • Solid non marking tyres prevent scuffing floors or picking up debris.
  • Zero inside turning radius ideal for where space is at a premium.
  • Fold down guardrails make it easy to maneuver through height restricted areas.
  • On board diagnostics to help operators troubleshoot and maximise uptime.
  • Driveable at full height
  • Swing out battery box and power trays allows for easy access to engine components.
  • 2 person internal use only
  • Manual roll out deck extension for increased work space.


Metric Working Height      9.80m
Metric Platform Height 7.80m
Metric Machine Width 81 cm
Metric Lift Capacity 227 kg
US Working Height 32 ft 1 in
US Platform Height 25 ft 6 in
US Machine Width 2 ft 8 in
US Lift Capacity 500 lbs