• Genie AWP30

Genie AWP30

Product Code: AWP30

Price: £250.00


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Genie’s AWP™-30S has all the same features and options as the two smaller models but offers an increased working height of 11.00m. The AWP30S is only 1.98m tall so will pass through most single doors without the need for the optional tilt back mechanism.


  • Small outrigger footprint for indoor applications. External outriggers available on Standard Base models.
  • Easily rolls through a standard door and has a rocker base system for maneuverability over door thresholds and power cables.
  • Tie down points, forklift sockets and overhead crane attachment points make the AWP easy to transport.
  • DC battery power 


Metric Working Height 11 m
Metric Platform Height 9 m
Metric Machine Width 74 cm
Metric Lift Capacity 159 kg
US Working Height 35 ft 6 in
US Platform Height 29 ft 6 in
US Machine Width 2 ft 5 in
US Lift Capacity 350 lbs